Start a coding club at your school, even if you're a beginner too.

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Why should every child learn how to program?

Technology is radically changing every area of our society, from communication to government to how we do our jobs. Digital literacy is now a fundamental skill like reading and writing.

By learning to program, kids can have a say in how software shapes their world. Plus, programming teaches important reasoning, logic, and communication skills.

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  • My students love trying out new courses and earning the badges. It's an excellent challenge for any student and a fun learning experience for the teacher as well!

    Alex Lipton

    KIPP Heartwood Academy

  • So many of our top innovators in technology began writing code at a young age. We're really missing the boat if we don't expose kids to programming.

    Kathy Epperson

    McAuliffe International School

  • I'm using Codecademy in my classroom. It provides a simple, user-friendly way of letting young people step through the learning process at a pace that works for them.

    Thomas Souter

    Reepham High School & College

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