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Review Primitives in JavaScript

Welcome back y'all! So pleased you're here to join us for another installment!

Today's review will quickly look over last week's conditionals lesson. We then cover three topics that were heavily requested in the emails people sent!

(a) What's the deal with parentheses and curly brackets?

(b) When do I use semicolons?

(c) Can we go over for loops again?


If you're ready to move on, print in the console: "I'm ready for this course!"

Stuck? Get a hint! Hint

No hint in this one! But maybe we could use no hint spaces to tell jokes? If you got a good joke, email us at! We'll publish the best one and give a shout out to the author!

(Okay fine, a hint: use console.log and make sure your string matches perfectly with what's required!)

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