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CSS: An Overview
Seeing is believing

Take a look at the HTML file in index.html. Pretty standard, right? You know all this stuff: headers, paragraphs, images, lists, and tables. Click on the Result tab: no surprises there. (In fact, it's pretty ugly if you ask us.)

The stylesheet.css tab (which we'll teach you how to use in this course) contains all the CSS styling information: where HTML elements should go, what color they should be, how big they should be, and more.

We've commented out a crucial line in the index.html file. If you remove the comment (the <!-- in line 4 before the text, and the --> in line 6 after the text), you'll be able to see the magic CSS imparts. Don't delete any of the actual <link> tag!


Remove the comment from around the <link> tag on line 4, then click on the Result tab to see what you'll soon be able to do with CSS!

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