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SkyDrive API
What's this all about?

SkyDrive lets you access your files from anywhere (more about that here). Among other things, you can use the SkyDrive API to upload, download, manage, share, and search files stored on a user's SkyDrive. We'll focus on these, since they're the most common and fundamental to building a great integration with SkyDrive.

The SkyDrive API is REST-based. There are SDKs for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and .NET. For this course, however, we'll be building a web app, so we'll be using the JavaScript SDK.

Tip: The SkyDrive Developer Center ( has info and resources that'll be helpful as a quick reference as you work through this course.

  1. Take a look at index.html and see how the button with id='login' triggers WL.login on [line 12] in helper.js (note that we use jQuery here).
  2. Update the scope property [line 14] with wl.skydrive and wl.signin.

To complete the exercise, you'll need to do the above, click "Submit," click the Log in button, and grant the app access. You'll have 60 seconds to log in after you click "Submit".

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