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Teen duo from Texas codes a calculator

Joah Gerstenberg and Haley Higgins

When Joah Gerstenberg, 15, and Haley Higgins, 16, first met they had no idea they'd soon become programming instructors.

"I had looked into learning Javascript, but was too intimidated to start. Codecademy was perfect: we both really like learning by doing. We raced each other to see who could gather more points and finished the courses pretty fast", explains Joah.

That's when Joah had the the idea of creating the "Build A Calculator" project.

"We decided to build our own course for others to learn from. Joah worked on the instructions and I fiddled around with the tests", says Haley.

The next project Joah tackled was expanding the calculator project by including square roots and trigonometric ratios whereas Haley is concentrating on creating websites for local businesses.