Setting Up Node

Codecademy Team
Install Node on your computer to utilize Node packages

This video will show you how to download and install Node.

This program will use Node Package Manager to install and use essential JavaScript libraries. You will need to install Node on your computer to enable this functionality.

Download the version of Node labeled “LTS” on the main page of the Node website. For additional download options, such as different operating systems and versions, you can navigate to the Node downloads page.

After your download is complete, open the downloaded installation package and follow the installation instructions.

After installation, open your command line application of choice (if you already have a terminal open, make sure to close it and open a new terminal to get access to your installation), type node, and press enter/return. You should be put into an interactive JavaScript console. Your command line is now ready to use Node!

Type console.log('Hello World!'); and press enter. You should see Hello World printed to the console.

Press the control button (CTRL) and C (CTRL-C) at the same time to exit the JavaScript console.

Further Instructions

If you need additional help setting up Node, or are using a Windows computer please watch one of the following videos.