Create Text-Based Marketing Assets Using ChatGPT

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Create text-based social media and e-commerce marketing assets using ChatGPT.

Crafting Marketing Assets with Generative AI

Welcome to this comprehensive tutorial on leveraging the power of generative AI specifically, ChatGPT, to create a collection of marketing assets. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking to innovate for your industry, or a startup founder wearing multiple hats, this tutorial is designed to give you hands-on experience in generating text-based assets that can elevate your brand.

The core learning objectives of this tutorial will provide you with actionable skills:

  • Prompting ChatGPT to create compelling text-based marketing assets for a company.
  • Using ChatGPT to craft engaging product descriptions that capture the essence of each product or service.
  • Generating copy for advertisements that resonates with your target audience.
  • Outlining a content strategy for your brand’s social media channels.

Hypothetical business of this tutorial: Silhouette for Men

In this tutorial, we’ll use a company called Silhouette for Men, a fictitious fragrance company that produces colognes for men, as the target company needing text-based marketing assets. Here is a brief description of the business:

Silhouette for Men is a fragrance company with a line of masculine and attractive colognes for the more rugged man. Our products offer unique fragrances that pull only the best essence from the world where men seem to only venture. Our flagship product, Forest Stroll, pulls the deepest pine, fresh air, and sweet meadow aromas from nature’s woods to emit a rugged male scent, but with a hint of modern urban charm. We bring out the presence of man in you.

Tools We’ll Use

ChatGPT: One of the most powerful text-generating AIs, useful for text content creations such as product descriptions and ad copy.

Before We Start

To follow along with this tutorial, you’ll need:

So, are you ready to leverage the power of AI to create captivating and effective marketing assets for Silhouette for Men? Let’s dive right in!

Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT for Text-Based Marketing Assets

Welcome to the first step in leveraging ChatGPT to create vibrant, engaging text-based marketing assets. Before diving into creating content, it’s crucial to understand how to effectively communicate what you want to ChatGPT.

What kind of content can we ask ChatGPT to generate?

In this scenario, we are thinking about the content describing our creative product(s) on an e-commerce market listing. For example, when shopping online for a product, what information do you typically review when buying a product? We can use ChatGPT to generate:

  • An SEO and customer-attracting product listing title.
  • A brand and product description that speaks to your target customer base.
  • Product specification information.
  • and more…

For this section of the tutorial, we will focus on the brand and product description.


A prompt is your instruction to ChatGPT. It sets the stage for what kind of text you’d like to generate. To create an effective prompt, be specific. The more specific your prompt, the better the result. For instance, instead of just asking ChatGPT to “describe a fragrance,” you could say, “Describe a men’s fragrance that evokes the essence of a forest stroll.”

Let’s create the first piece of content—a brand description for Silhouette for Men. To do this, we will provide a short description of the business:


Hi! As an expert in brand marketing, please read the description of this cologne/fragrance company for men: 

Silhouette for Men is a fragrance company with a line of masculine and attractive colognes for the more manly of men. Our products offer unique fragrances that pull only the best essence from the world where men seem to only venture. Our flagship product, Forest Stroll, pulls the deepest pine, fresh air, sweet meadow aromas from nature's woods to emit a rugged male scent, but with a hint of modern urban charm. We bring out the presence of man in you. 

ChatGPT accepts the description we’ve provided, and analyzes it for improvements and recommendations! Look at the constructive response ChatGPT generates:


Your description of Silhouette for Men paints a vivid picture of the brand and its products. It captures the essence of rugged masculinity while also incorporating elements of modern sophistication. The naming of your flagship product, Forest Stroll, evokes imagery that aligns well with the scents you've chosen to highlight—deep pine, fresh air, and sweet meadow aromas. 

However, depending on your target audience, you might want to consider a few tweaks: 

1. **Inclusivity**: The phrase "for the more manly of men" could potentially alienate men who might not identify with traditional notions of masculinity but would still enjoy your product. You could consider wording that casts a wider net, perhaps something along the lines of, "for men who appreciate the rugged allure of nature."  

2. **Scent Complexity**: You've done a great job describing your flagship scent, but you might want to delve a little deeper into how these scents come together. Is it a layered scent that changes over time? What's the sillage like? 

3. **Lifestyle Aspects**: You may also want to briefly touch upon when or where one might wear your fragrance. Is it for daily wear, special occasions, or for making an impression at a business meeting? This can help potential customers better understand if the product is right for them. 

4. **Quality and Ingredients**: Consider mentioning if you use natural extracts, or if the fragrance has long-lasting properties, as these are things that customers often look for in a cologne. 

5. **Imagery and Emotional Appeal**: Your description is rich in imagery, but you might also add some emotional elements. What feeling are you trying to evoke in the person wearing it or those who encounter it? Confidence? Calm? A sense of adventure? 

Here's a revised example based on these suggestions: 

Silhouette for Men is a fragrance brand designed for men who appreciate the rugged allure of nature complemented by modern sophistication. Our collection of unique, complex fragrances is crafted from the finest ingredients, offering a lasting aromatic experience. Our flagship scent, Forest Stroll, masterfully weaves together notes of deep pine, invigorating fresh air, and sweet meadows, creating a scent that evolves over time. Perfect for both daily wear and special occasions, this cologne not only enhances your natural scent but also brings a heightened sense of confidence and allure. Experience the presence of man in you, refined and redefined." 

Feel free to take or leave any of these suggestions! Overall, your original description does a good job of conveying what the brand is about. 

ChatGPT was intelligent enough to identify improvements in inclusivity, lifestyle aspects, and more! We may continue to focus on the revised brand description generated by ChatGPT by requesting additional details about our brand, product features, or other descriptive details that make Silhouette for Men unique and attractive to consumers.


This is great. I will accept the revised product description version you've just generated.  Silhouette for Men is a unique fragrance line since we have interesting product mixture features. Our colognes can be mixed together to create unique aromas that cater to specific environments and ambiance. For example, our Forest Stroll"fragrance, when mixed with our fragrance product Street Racer, generates a unique aroma we call Ramen House since the mixture of metro streets with wooded freshness accentuates the warmness of a Tokyo Ramen house. Please update the brand description to reflect this knowledge. 


That's a fascinating feature, allowing customers to mix fragrances to create customized scents. It adds another layer of individuality and versatility to your product line, which could be a strong selling point. Here's a revised brand description that includes this innovative aspect: 

Silhouette for Men is a fragrance brand designed for men who seek a unique aromatic experience that can be as complex and adaptable as they are. Crafted from the finest ingredients, our collection offers fragrances that not only capture the rugged allure of nature and modern sophistication but also enable you to create your own signature scent. Whether worn individually or mixed together for customized aromas, our colognes offer a lasting and dynamic aromatic experience. 

Our flagship scent, Forest Stroll, masterfully weaves together notes of deep pine, invigorating fresh air, and sweet meadows. Perfect for both daily wear and special occasions, this cologne enhances your natural scent while also bringing a heightened sense of confidence and allure. 

The true genius of Silhouette for Men lies in the versatility of our fragrance line. Feel like adding a metropolitan vibe to your rugged outdoor scent? Mix Forest Stroll with our audacious Street Racer fragrance to create a uniquely captivating aroma we affectionately call Ramen House. The fusion of wooded freshness with urban streets evokes the warm, inviting ambiance of a Tokyo Ramen house. 

Discover the endless possibilities and make a statement that’s uniquely yours with Silhouette for Men, where the presence of man is refined and redefined." 

This updated description should capture the innovative, mix-and-match aspect of your fragrance line while still maintaining the original rugged, sophisticated image of the brand.

Generate Engaging Product Descriptions with ChatGPT

Understanding how to craft compelling product descriptions is vital for converting curious visitors into loyal customers. Product descriptions serve as your sales pitch and can greatly impact both sales numbers and how the brand is perceived. In this section, we’ll explore how to use ChatGPT to produce captivating product descriptions that resonate with your target audience, particularly for Silhouette for Men.

Importance and Impact on Sales and Brand Perception

Product descriptions do much more than merely describe: they sell. They provide essential information, yes, but they also paint a picture, set a mood, and create an emotional resonance. An effective product description will inspire trust, create brand affinity, and ultimately, encourage purchase. Poor or vague descriptions, on the other hand, can lead to poor customer satisfaction.

Prompt Design Technique for ChatGPT

The power of ChatGPT is in its prompt design. For a product like Forest Stroll, you want to bring out its unique selling points: its unique, complex fragrances, suitability for various occasions, and more. Before interacting with ChatGPT, take a moment to identify the core features and unique selling points of the product. For Silhouette for Men’s fragrance Forest Stroll, this might include its complex scent profile, the high-quality ingredients used, and its versatility for different occasions. Here’s how to phrase the prompt to ChatGPT:


Great! Now, please write a product description for Silhouette for Men's flagship scent 'Forest Stroll', focusing on its unique, complex fragrances and suitability for various occasions. 


Certainly! Here's a detailed product description for "Forest Stroll," the flagship scent from Silhouette for Men: 

Forest Stroll by Silhouette for Men 

The Quintessence of Rugged Sophistication 

Step into the allure of the untamed wilderness without leaving the comfort of your urban lifestyle. Introducing "Forest Stroll," the flagship scent by Silhouette for Men—a complex fragrance meticulously crafted to suit the multifaceted man for any occasion. 

Aroma Profile: 

"Forest Stroll" is a symphony of nature's most invigorating scents, blending the deep, resinous aroma of pine with the crisp freshness of mountain air and the subtle sweetness of wild meadows. Designed to evolve over time, each spray reveals a layered complexity that keeps you intriguing throughout the day. 


Perfectly suited for both daytime ventures and nighttime escapades, "Forest Stroll" exudes a casual elegance that is as fitting at a business meeting as it is at an evening dinner. Whether you're closing a deal or opening a door, let this versatile scent make your presence felt.   

Mix and Match: 

While Forest Stroll is captivating on its own, its true versatility shines when used in combination with other fragrances from the Silhouette for Men line. Mix it with our audacious Street Racer to evoke the cozy, inviting aroma of a Tokyo Ramen house, or let your creativity run wild by crafting your own signature scent. 


Crafted from the finest natural extracts, Forest Stroll offers a long-lasting aromatic experience, ensuring that your scent endures from dawn till dusk. Its moderate sillage will captivate those around you without overwhelming the senses.   

Key Features:   
- Long-lasting, dynamic scent 
- High-quality natural extracts 
- Suitable for both day and night 
- Mixable with other Silhouette for Men fragrances 

Discover the scent that adapts to you, embodying the complex layers of modern masculinity. Choose Forest Stroll by Silhouette for Men and make a statement that’s as individual as you are. 

Feel free to adjust any elements to better align with your brand and product features! 

By designing the prompt this way, we guide ChatGPT to produce text that focusses on what makes Forest Stroll special and why it’s the ideal choice for our prospective customer. We can experiment by tweaking the prompt to add elements like “sophistication” or “rugged allure” to make it align even more closely with your brand’s voice.

Additional Considerations:

Review and Revise: Review the generated text carefully. Does it align with your brand’s voice? Does it highlight the features and selling points effectively? Make any necessary revisions, either manually or by tweaking the prompt and asking ChatGPT to try again.

Test Audience Response (Optional): Before finalizing the product description, you may opt to test it with a select audience or colleagues to gauge its effectiveness. Make any final revisions based on this feedback.

Deploy: Once satisfied, use the generated product description in the appropriate marketing channels—your website, product catalog, social media, or anywhere else it’s needed.

Create Compelling Ad Copy Using ChatGPT

Creating memorable ad copy is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience and get your message across. In the fast-paced world of advertising, your copy needs to be impactful, and most importantly, it needs to inspire action. This is especially crucial for a brand like Silhouette for Men, which wants to convey a specific ethos. In this section, we will explore the fundamentals of advertisement copywriting and learn how to use ChatGPT to generate powerful ad copy.

Importance of Copy in Ads

Words are what bring an advertisement to life. A well-chosen phrase can convey a world of meaning, capture attention, and make your audience think, feel, or act. Especially in digital advertising, where you have but a moment to capture attention, your copy needs to be compelling and to the point.

Different Types of Advertising Media Where Copy is Needed

Copy finds its place in various media, each with its unique requirements. Whether it’s social media ads, billboards, radio spots, or TV commercials, each medium has its own set of rules, and your copy should adapt to fit.

  • Social Media Ads: Short, impactful, and hashtag-friendly.
  • Billboards: Very brief and easily digestible from a distance.
  • Radio Spots: Auditory impact matters; rhyme and rhythm can help.
  • TV Commercials: Must align with the visual and auditory elements for a unified message.

Prompt Design Technique for ChatGPT

The ability to create various styles of copy in a consistent voice makes ChatGPT an excellent tool for ad copywriting. For Silhouette for Men, the brand ethos should resonate throughout the ad copy. Here’s how you could design a prompt to get compelling taglines:


Generate three different taglines for 'Silhouette for Men' that embody its ethos of rugged nature and modern sophistication. 


Certainly! Here are three taglines that aim to capture the blend of rugged nature and modern sophistication that defines Silhouette for Men: 

1. "Sculpt Your Scent, Shape Your World" 
2. "Nature's Essence, Modern Edge" 
3. "Wild at Heart, Refined in Spirit" 

Each tagline emphasizes a different aspect of your brand's ethos while reinforcing the idea that the fragrances are for men who embody both traditional ruggedness and contemporary sophistication. Feel free to use or adapt any of these taglines to suit your brand. 

This prompt directs ChatGPT to focus on the key elements—rugged nature and modern sophistication—that Silhouette for Men wants to communicate. Feel free to tweak this prompt to focus on other unique selling propositions or to align better with a specific advertising medium.

Additional Considerations for Ad Copy Generation

Review and Refine Assess the generated taglines or copy. Do they align with your brand’s ethos? Are they suitable for the medium you’ve chosen? Revise the copy as needed. If necessary, modify the prompt and run it through ChatGPT again.

Finalize and Deploy Once you’re satisfied, integrate the generated copy into your ad campaign.

By following this guide, you’ll not only be able to generate captivating ad copy that aligns with your brand but also understand how to tweak your approach for various advertising mediums. This multidimensional understanding will empower you to create more effective and resonant ad campaigns.

Develop a Social Media Content Strategy Using ChatGPT

For a brand like Silhouette for Men, the role of social media can’t be understated. It’s a platform where you can connect directly with your target audience and the way you present your brand here can be a decisive factor in its success. This section aims to guide you through the fundamentals of social media marketing and how to use ChatGPT for planning a coherent and effective social media content strategy.

Importance of a Coherent Content Strategy

A well-planned social media content strategy is essential for any brand aiming for long-term success. It helps maintain consistency in how you present your brand and ensures that you are regularly engaging your audience with meaningful content. A coherent content strategy will include a mix of product highlights, customer testimonials, and special promotions, aligned with the brand’s ethos.

Creating a Social Media Content Calendar with ChatGPT

When it comes to planning a social media content calendar, you’ll want to take a balanced approach that includes a variety of content types. ChatGPT can assist us in planning this out. Here’s an example of how we can prompt ChatGPT for this task:


Outline a one-week social media content calendar for 'Silhouette for Men', focusing on product highlights, customer testimonials, and special promotions. 


Absolutely! A well-crafted social media content calendar can be a crucial asset for spreading awareness about your brand and engaging with your audience. Here's a one-week plan focusing on product highlights, customer testimonials, and special promotions. 

### Silhouette for Men: One-Week Social Media Content Calendar 

#### Day 1: Monday - New Week, New Scent 

- **Platform**: Instagram, Facebook 

- **Content**: A high-quality video showcasing the beautiful packaging and natural ingredients of "Forest Stroll." 

- **Caption**: "Start your week strong with 'Forest Stroll.' 💪 🌲" 

- **Hashtags**: #SilhouetteForMen #ForestStroll #NewWeekNewScent 

#### Day 2: Tuesday - Testimonial Tuesday 

- **Platform**: Twitter, Instagram Stories 

- **Content**: Customer testimonials featuring before-and-after experiences with "Silhouette for Men." 

- **Caption**: "Hear what real customers have to say about transforming their scent game with 'Silhouette for Men.' #TestimonialTuesday" 

- **Hashtags**: #TestimonialTuesday #CustomerLove #SilhouetteForMen   

#### Day 3: Wednesday - Mix & Match Wednesday 

- **Platform**: Instagram, Pinterest 

- **Content**: A fun, engaging video or infographic explaining how to mix "Forest Stroll" with "Street Racer" to create "Ramen House." 

- **Caption**: "Unlock the secret to a personalized scent with our Mix & Match feature! 🎨" 

- **Hashtags**: #MixAndMatch #CustomScent #SilhouetteForMen 

#### Day 4: Thursday - Throwback Thursday Promotion 

- **Platform**: Facebook, Twitter 

- **Content**: Photos of older, classic versions of your colognes or a look back at the brand's history. 

- **Caption**: "Taking a stroll down memory lane. Enjoy a special 20% discount for today only! #TBT" 

- **Hashtags**: #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #SpecialPromo 

#### Day 5: Friday - Fan Photo Friday 

- **Platform**: Instagram 

- **Content**: Share user-generated content of customers using your product, particularly in outdoor or stylish settings. 

- **Caption**: "Our fans are the epitome of rugged sophistication. Are you one of them? #FanPhotoFriday" 

- **Hashtags**: #FanPhotoFriday #SilhouetteForMen #RuggedSophistication 

#### Day 6: Saturday - Scenic Saturday 

- **Platform**: Twitter, Instagram Stories 

- **Content**: Beautiful images of forests, mountains, and cityscapes that resonate with your product's scent profiles. 

- **Caption**: "Where does 'Forest Stroll' take you? 🌲🏙️" 

- **Hashtags**: #ScenicSaturday #ForestStroll #WeekendVibes 

#### Day 7: Sunday - Sunday Spotlight 

- **Platform**: Instagram, Facebook 

- **Content**: Spotlight a high-profile or celebrity endorsement. If unavailable, highlight a customer who has an inspiring story related to your product. 

- **Caption**: "This week's spotlight: [Name]. Discover why they choose 'Silhouette for Men.' #SundaySpotlight" 

- **Hashtags**: #SundaySpotlight #Endorsement #SilhouetteForMen 

Feel free to adapt the content, platforms, and days to better suit your target audience and marketing strategy! 

Evaluate the Generated Content Calendar

Once ChatGPT responds, evaluate the generated content calendar. Make sure it aligns with your defined objectives and focus areas. If needed, you can modify the prompt for more specific or different results. You might also want to adjust posting times or add any specific hashtags that weren’t included.

Following generated social media calendar posts:

Implement the Content Calendar: Take the finalized content calendar and implement it into your social media management tool or share it with your social media team.

Monitor and Adjust: After your posts go live, keep an eye on engagement metrics. See how your audience is responding to different types of posts and adjust your future content accordingly.

Repeat and Refine: As you continue to use this technique, you’ll get a better sense of what works best for your brand. Make it a regular practice to use ChatGPT for generating new ideas and refine your social media content strategy.


By the end of this process, you should have comprehensive social media and e-commerce-tailored marketing assets that cater to your brand’s needs. More importantly, you’ll gain a practical understanding of how to harness the capabilities of ChatGPT to help achieve your social media objectives.

In this tutorial, we generated:

  • Prepared our business and product details to teach ChatGPT about our business.
  • Generated inclusive and SEO-friendly business & product descriptions for e-commerce and social media marketing posts.
  • Generated Ad Copy assets for the business and its products.
  • Generated a week’s worth of social media marketing content for the brand.

To learn more about using ChatGPT in marketing asset generation, check out this case study: Creating Marketing Assets with Generative AI Case Study.

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