Install Flutter SDK on Windows

Codecademy Team
This article will present instructions for installing the Flutter SDK on the Windows operating system.

The Flutter SDK consists of various tools and programs that allow for Flutter development. This article will take us through the steps necessary to install that SDK on Windows.

Flutter SDK Download

We need to first download the Flutter SDK for Windows. This is a zip file that we need to unzip into a local directory, for example, c:\tools\flutter.

Update the Path

Now that we have the Flutter SDK unzipped into a local directory, we need to tell Windows where to find the SDK. To do this, we can use the Control Panel on Windows to update the path variable.

Open Control Panel

First, open the Control Panel with the Search Box near the Start Menu on the bottom of the Windows screen.

Open the Control Panel with the Start Search Box

System and Security

When the Control Panel appears, select System and Security.

Select System and Security


Next, select System.

Select System and Security

Advanced Setting

Next, select Advanced systems settings.

Select System and Security

Environment Variables

We need to update our path to include a new entry to the Flutter SDK’s bin folder. For example, the path could be c:\tools\flutter\bin. After entering this information, hit OK and close the control panel.

Updating the Control Panel Path Environment Variable

Check Installation

We now have our system path set up and can verify our installation. Let’s open up a new terminal and enter the following command to check our Flutter SDK installation:

flutter --version

The output should look similar to the following:

Flutter 3.3.10 • channel stable •
Framework • revision 135454af32 (6 weeks ago) • 2022-12-15 07:36:55 -0800
Engine • revision 3316dd8728
Tools • Dart 2.18.6 • DevTools 2.15.0

When we see this output, we know we have successfully installed the Flutter SDK!


Congratulations! We are almost done with this lesson, but before we finish, let’s review what we learned about installing the Flutter SDK on Windows:

  • We copy the zip to a folder (for example c:\tools\flutter) and unzip the files.
  • We open Control Panel and edit our path to include an additional entry for the bin folder in the Flutter folder (for example c:\tools\flutter\bin).
  • To test the installation, we should open a new command line and type in the flutter –version command.