Rebrandly URL Shortener API

Codecademy Team
In this article, you will learn how to generate an API key to use the Rebrandly URL Shortener API.

In this article, we will go over how to register a Rebrandly account and obtain an API Key for the Rebrandly URL Shortener API . Afterward, we’ll use this information to successfully navigate through JavaScript: Requests!

To register for a free Rebrandly account, go to the Rebrandly site. Then click “Create a new account”.

You’ll be directed to a page that looks like: Rebrandly Sign Up Page

You can sign up using your email address or through Twitter, Facebook, or Google. If you register through email, log into your email account and verify your email. If you register using another account, you will be prompted to login to that account.

After you’ve registered, you’ll have access to Rebrandly’s dashboard: Rebrandly Homepage

In the top right hand corner is your account icon, click it and a menu will appear: Rebrandly Account Menu

From the drop down menu, click on “Account settings” and you will see there will be a pop up. Select the tab “API keys” to see: Rebrandly Account Pop Up

Click on the button “Generate new API key”. A successful creation will look like: Rebrandly New API Key

Wonderful! Now you can use this newly created API key. Please note that your API key is unique to your account so you should keep it safe and do not share it with anyone! However, you can use your API key to interact with the Rebrandly API — think about what you can make!