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This article will help you figure out what to learn based on your interests and needs. We’ve also included some info to help you get to know your way around Codecademy. Read on for recommendations!

Decide what to learn

Learn a language

Know which language you want to learn? Get started with one of these popular free courses:

Not sure what to learn first? Take our free Learn What to Learn course or try the Programming Personality Quiz. You can also visit the catalog to explore all the languages, skills, and careers we offer — including popular Pro courses like Learn Python 3.

Change your career

If you’re exploring a career change, check one of our top career paths with a 7-day free Pro trial:

Learn a new skill

Our collection of skill paths is designed to teach you everything you need to gain a specific skill, like building a website or visualizing data. These top skill paths are also available with a 7-day free Pro trial:

Explore free features

While many of our features are only available on our Pro Plans, there’s a lot you can get started with for free. Here are a few features you won’t want to miss:

Community spaces

Learning to code is challenging, but it’s easier if you can team up. Ask questions, stay connected, and find motivation with the community on Codecademy:

  • Community forum: Read about others’ experiences, ask questions, and get help from your fellow Codecademy peers.
  • Chapters: Explore our network of community-led groups from all around the world.
  • Discord: Hang out and chat live with your fellow learners.
  • Facebook Group: Casually socialize with other people on this journey.

Practice app

Answer practice questions on the go with the Codecademy Go mobile app available on iOS and Android.


Create a workspace in our online development environment (IDE) and start coding instantly in your browser. Practice building projects in 13 popular languages and libraries, tinker with code, and share your work. Learn more about workspaces.


Cheatsheets help you quickly refresh your memory on the important topics in a specific course. You can find them linked in courses, or visit our cheatsheets library to find them all, broken down by the course section in which you learned them.


When coding in the real world, programmers rely heavily on documentation. Docs is Codecademy’s community-driven collection of code documentation for popular programming languages and frameworks. With Docs, you can quickly reference a vast collection of definitions, code syntax, and more. You can even get involved and end up being featured as a top contributor!

Code challenges

With technical interviews and coding in general, practice makes perfect. Code challenges let you test your knowledge with coding problems based on real-world technical interviews. If you get stuck, we’ll point you to what you still need to learn.

Explore Pro features

If you want to dig deeper into concepts and build your expertise, a Pro plan may be the right fit for you. Read on to see what you can expect when you sign up for a Pro plan. Sign up for a 7-day free trial to take these features for a spin!

Quizzes, practice, and review

Reinforce new skills as you learn with a variety of features to help you test your knowledge. Get quizzed on the material you’re learning in your courses, practice what you’re learning module by module — or give personalized practice a try. We use AI to figure out what you need to practice and when with personalized practice sessions. You can find this feature from the “Start practice session” link on your syllabus.

Skill paths and career paths

Skill paths and Career paths are step-by-step roadmaps that take you through what you need to learn for a specific skill or to transition to a specific career in tech. They’ll tell you what to learn and in what order, cutting out the guesswork. Skill paths are available with a Pro Lite plan, and career paths are available with Pro.

Real-world projects

As you learn, you’ll apply your skills with projects similar to work you’d do on the job. These vary from tutorial-style practice projects with step-by-step guidance to independent portfolio projects that help you put your skills to work to build something of your own. With a Pro Lite or Pro plan, you unlock access to our full library of projects.

Technical interview prep

As a Pro member, you’ll unlock access to courses, practice questions, code challenges, and more to help you gain confidence for interviews. If you’re taking one of our career paths, you’ll find interview prep essentials built in. You can also take one of our dedicated interview prep skill paths.

Certificates of completion

With a Pro or Pro Lite plan, you’ll earn a document to prove you’ve completed a course or path. You can share it on your resume or your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills or prepare for your job search.

Want to learn more about Pro? Explore our Pro plans or sign up for a 7-day free trial to try it for yourself.

Wrap Up

If you made it this far, you’re a highly motivated learner - we’re excited to see how far you’ll go and hope some of the features you learned about today help. Please take a moment to answer two quick questions for feedback on this resource. Happy coding!