What's Next?

Codecademy Team
Just finish a piece of Codecademy content? Here are recommendations on what to do next in your coding journey.

Congratulations on finishing! You may be asking yourself, “What happens next?” If so, we’ve listed some ideas below.


You just spent all that time learning something new, so you don’t want to lose it! Consistent practice is the best way to ensure that you keep your new knowledge fresh in your mind. Even if it’s just a quick five minute review session, that review session is better than nothing! Keep using the practice packs that are linked in your syllabus to review concepts and syntax.

If you’re looking for other opportunities to practice through tutorials or projects that you find elsewhere on the internet but aren’t sure where to start, watch our video on how to practice outside of Codecademy.

CodecademyGo Mobile App

If you haven’t used the CodecademyGo mobile app, take some time to check it out! The app syncs your content and streaks with the desktop app, so you can take your coding knowledge on the go. In addition to opportunities to review concepts and practice applying syntax, you can also read articles on programming. When you’re ready to start a new course, make sure to take advantage of the mobile app to help you practice (and maintain your streak) when you can’t get to the computer.

Codecademy Docs

A great way to test your knowledge, build out your online portfolio, and help other learners is to Contribute to Codecademy Docs! Docs is a community driven documentation resource where contributors of all levels can get experience writing technical documentation, a highly sought after skill in tech companies. Contributors are guided through the process by members of the Codecademy team. If you want to get started immediately, you can go to our Contributor Guide.


You may have come across our forums while going through the course content. Forums are a great place to find answers to your questions and get feedback on your projects. But you know what the pro move is? Answering other learner’s questions. Prove to yourself and others your new coding chops by jumping into the forums for the content that you’ve just completed. Who knows? You may learn something new along the way.


Think about why you started to study with Codecademy. It was probably because you wanted to apply this knowledge at your job, or to build a cool product, or find more work opportunities. Projects are the best way to put your new knowledge into practice, while doing something gratifying. Now that you’ve seen how projects work on Codecademy, how can you come up with your own project to work on? Think about a problem in your own life that could be solved by a program, a company that may need a new website, or the next viral mobile app. If you want more information on working locally, check out these community guides. If you’re interested in collaborating others, check out our resources on working as a team and working on group projects.

Learn Something New!

Wasn’t that fun? Let’s do it all again! Head over to our catalog to find the next thing that you want to learn. Not sure where to start? Check out our video that answers the eternal question, “Which Programming language Should You Choose?”: