Start your text editor and make sure you have the portfolio/ directory open. Next, using the command line, create a new index.html file within the portfolio/ directory. The index.html file will be main landing page for our application.

The first page seen by a user when they navigate to a website often referred to as the "landing page." It's standard practice to place the HTML for the landing page in a file called index.html. We'll continue to use the name "landing page."

Once the landing page is created, use the command line to navigate to the portfolio/ directory. Now, create another directory called img/ inside the portfolio/ directory.

Images for the portfolio will be stored in the img/ directory. This is standard practice when a site uses images. Separating different data types into different directories creates an organized file structure for the website.

Within the img/ directory, create a directory called gallery/ and another directory called icons/. These directories should be direct children of the img/ directory.

Finally, the hello.html file you created earlier is no longer needed, so feel free to delete it.

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