New Tracks: Web, jQuery, and JavaScript

Just over a year ago, Codecademy started with a single JavaScript course. Since then, we’ve built out the JavaScript language track and added curricula for HTML/CSS, the jQuery library, Python, and Ruby.

As we’ve developed these courses, we’ve listened carefully to your feedback and worked to ensure the best possible learning experience for you. To that end, we’re unveiling three refurbished Codecademy tracks for the web (HTML and CSS), the jQuery library, and JavaScript.

These new tracks are now available on the main tracks page. If you’ve been working through the original courses, never fear! Your progress is safe and sound, and you can access it by clicking on the “Me” icon in the upper right of the page and selecting “View my profile.”

Whether you’ve been advancing through the original tracks or are looking for a new language to tackle, go ahead and try out our brand-new courses. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them!