Codecademy Meetups!

Editor’s note: This post is about our NYC Meetup. You can find a Codecademy meetup near you on our Meetup page! To get help hosting a meetup, reach out here.

Learning to code on your own can be tough.

That’s why each month we host meetups for people to come and learn together. This month we were lucky enough to have journalist and Code Year veteran David Bauer come and present.

David Bauer

David wanted to do something better with code than creating arrays of zoo animals; so he decided to create Instacurate to visualizes tweets using Twitter’s API. (To learn how to use Twitter’s API yourself, try out this course.)

After a brief Q&A we broke into groups to explore the questions the group most wondered about:

**1. What language should I start with?

  1. How do I get started coding on my own computer?
  2. What should I make with what I’m learning?**

If you can learn, you can teach, and this gave everyone an opportunity to help out. Bravo!

Until next time, happy coding!