Code from Kenya

“During my internship last summer I got access to a computer on a daily basis. It was pretty much the first time I had a computer all to myself. I started googling how the Internet works and how I could master it. That’s where my journey with Codecademy started.”

Martha quickly realized coding could be something she wanted to do full-time.

“Learning code became my obsession. In June 2012, I took the little I had saved and bought a computer, installed Ubuntu and quit my internship.”

Martha spent hours practicing at the Nairobi iHub. Codecademy combined with the community helped her learn fast and in July she landed a job as a developer with a local Ruby on Rails boutique.

“Programming opened an unknown world to me. I was planning on going to medical school, like most top-students in Kenya do. Now I’m taking a year off to explore software development. I’m especially excited about the world of open source software.”

Best part about coding? Teaching and giving back to the community. Martha has authored some Ruby Gems and is now helping prepare the Codecademy Ruby track. She and her friends are also planning on classes to get even more Kenyan women excited about coding.

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