Teen duo from Texas codes a calculator

“I had looked into learning Javascript, but was too intimidated to start. Codecademy was perfect: we both really like learning by doing. We raced each other to see who could gather more points and finished the courses pretty fast,” explains Joah.

After completing the jQuery lesson track, Joah and Haley wrote their very own “Build A Calculator” course on Codecademy.

“We decided to build our own course for others to learn from. Joah worked on the instructions and I fiddled around with the tests,” says Haley.

“Afterwards, we received feedback and built another course, Build A Calculator II, which expanded the functionality of our original course.”

Joah is currently redesigning his personal website, building Javascript plug-ins, and freelancing as a web developer for local businesses. Haley also freelances, and is working towards a future project that will implement Rails and AngularJS.”