Streak versus Hospital: Motivation to the end

Why did you start learning to program?

Flore: I started just after my doctor ordered me to stay home to prevent my baby from coming too soon (I was pregnant at the time). I was bored at home alone, and my husband Benoit who is an IT Engineer told me I should learn to code on Codecademy.

No dreams of becoming a developer then?

Flore: Not quite, but I have to say that your website really is as great as he described it! I was certain that I wouldn’t understand a thing, and surprisingly I’ve learned a lot that was interesting to me — I didn’t expect to! Sometimes it’s even amusing as well…

You were on a roll when you had to enter the hospital and lost your streak — tell us what happened.

Benoit: Well that was something that really motivated her to keep it up, especially at that point in the course when things were getting hairy. She was kind of discouraged when she had to break her streak, so I emailed to ask if there any remote chance you guys could pretend she never had to go to the maternity ward and set her streak back to 57 days.

And we were so impressed by her dedication that we bent the rules and reset her streak.

Benoit: Yes! She went back into the hospital again after that, but this time she managed to get a room closer to the WiFi hotspot. When she couldn’t connect we would do the exercises by phone and I’d type her answer in for her.

Ultimately the streak broke anyway though…

Benoit: So soon baby Clemence was born, and that night when I realized about the streak I quickly took out my smartphone (still poor WiFi in the new hospital room) hoping that the timezone difference might save us, but it was too late… We both saw the dreaded ‘0 day streak’ on our profiles. But hey — we had a baby!