Important Changes to Codecademy Courses

Last updated February 3rd, 2017

On our mission to teach the world how to code, we’ve always strived to develop timely, relevant courses, that are reflective of the way industry professionals are coding everyday.

Over 3 years ago, we released “HTML & CSS,” “Python” and a number of other language-specific courses that have been the centerpiece of what Codecademy offers. They were some of the first of their kind, and millions of learners around the world have used them to sharpen their skills or start learning to code altogether. In the next few months, we’ll be releasing brand new, updated versions of many of these language courses. We’ve upgraded them to teach newer technologies (the HTML & CSS course, for example, will now cover HTML5 & CSS3) and to otherwise reflect changes to the way languages are used in the industry today. We’re pretty excited to roll them out soon!

We’ll be removing our old courses from our platform to make way for the new ones. Unfortunately, any partial or full progress you might have had will be lost. All achievements will be maintained however, so if you finished a course already you’ll be able to show that you completed it—even after the switch. Eager to show what you’ve done? Just make sure to complete the courses before we retire them for good. You can consult the schedule at the end of this post for specific dates.

Below you can see a schedule of the anticipated release dates for course transitions and new course releases. On the dates below, we’ll remove old versions of the courses, and progress tracking will no longer be available. So remember—if you want to document the work you’ve done, make sure to finish the course before the new release date!

  • Summer 2017Learn HTML & CSS and Learn JavaScript new course releases
  • Summer 2017Learn jQuery new course release
  • Summer 2017Python and Ruby will be transitioned to new interface; progress will be affected
  • Summer 2017Learn Ruby new course release
  • Summer 2017Learn Ruby on Rails new course release
  • Summer 2017PHP and Make an Interactive Website course sunsetting

We’re really excited to upgrade these courses. It’s another major step for us in making sure our content is relevant and up-to-date. If you started the above courses in the past, we hope the new versions might give you the chance to refresh your skills, upgrade them, or learn something new. As usual, we welcome your feedback and wish you the best of luck on your learning journey.