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Each Codecademy program is designed to upgrade your skills through a rigorous curriculum with personalized support. Level up today!

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Build Websites from Scratch

Learn to design and build professional websites using HTML & CSS

Build Front-End Web Applications from Scratch

Learn JavaScript and ReactJS, a new technology used in apps like Netflix

Build Web APIs from Scratch

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and Express.js

Test-Driven Development

Learn the programming best-practice, Test Driven Development, while building fullstack JavaScript web applications.

Programming with Python

Learn Python fundamentals that set you up to work in web development and machine learning.

Introduction to Data Analysis

Learn the data skills you need to make more informed decisions.

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Learn how to build, apply, and then optimize machine learning algorithms.

Data Visualization with Python

Learn the basics of the data science programming language Python to organize, analyze and visualize your data.

Build Website UIs

Learn the fundamentals of User Interface design and visual design while building websites with HTML and CSS.

Learn SQL from Scratch

Master SQL queries and work with multiple datasets so you can analyze your business data and level up your career.

Intro to Programming in JavaScript

Master JavaScript while building foundational skills key in front-end and back-end work.

Computer Science Basics: Data Structures

Write more efficient code and gain the theoretical knowledge needed to upgrade your career.

Computer Science Basics: Algorithms

Learn the fundamentals of algorithms and how to apply them.