In our modern era, applications are becoming increasingly more robust, dynamic, and complex. Given the increased complexity, it is only natural that vulnerabilities will find their way into our applications. However, as developers, we must ensure we are vigilant against any issues.

One common addition found within most modern applications is the ability to provide users with access to persistent information directly related to their activity. In many applications, developers will implement accounts to provide a manner for users to control and maintain data on the application. Of course, while this may sound simple, adding accounts and private information introduces various challenges and vulnerabilities to the application.

This short lesson will explore a small application demonstrating a basic example of broken access controls. In this lesson, we’ll be able to learn the following:

  • Review our code for potential access control vulnerabilities.
  • Validate the existence of these vulnerabilities via active exploitation.
  • Remediate our code and remove the vulnerability.

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