You’ve managed dialog and managed it well. Users booking flights will be much happier when they are:

  • provided their available options in slot elicitations,
  • notified of default values via slot confirmation, and
  • understand the cost of the intent before confirming it.

All of the index.js files are created so that they can be copy-and-pasted into Lambda. You can test each one for yourself by pasting it into a Lambda function, connecting it to the Flight Booker interaction model, and running the example conversations.

If you don’t have it already, download the Flight Booker interaction model JSON from this link. This can be pasted into the JSON Editor in the Alexa Developer Console.

More Alexa Resources


For more practice, try these skills on your own! The index.js files can be pasted into Lambda and the interaction model can be pasted into the Alexa Developer Console.

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