Alexa can confirm intents as well as slots. Why? There can be serious consequences if Alexa misinterprets some requests, like:

  • Actions that are publicly visible (e.g. posting to social media)
  • Actions that affect another person (e.g. sending a message)
  • Actions where money is involved (e.g. when the user is buying something)

With intent confirmation, Alexa will ask the user to confirm the intent once all required slot values are collected. A good intent confirmation includes the previously slot values, and prompts the user for a “yes” or “no” response. For example, “So you’re looking for an action movie, right?” If the user responds positively, your skill can fulfill the request. If not, your skill should repeat the process of collecting information.

As with slot confirmation, use intent confirmation sparingly: dialogs with too many confirmations are tedious for users.

Follow these steps to add intent confirmation to your intent.

  1. In the Interaction Model, click on FindVideoByGenreIntent.
  2. Scroll down to find Intent Confirmation.
  3. Switch on “Does this intent require confirmation?”
  4. Add a few prompts like
    so you're looking for a {genre} {videoType}, right? so you're looking for a {genre} {videoType} from the {decade}, right?
    Although {decade} is an optional slot, we include a prompt with it. If the user provided a value for the slot decade, your skill will confirm it using the second prompt. If it hasn’t been provided yet, it will use the first prompt.
  5. Click Save Model, then Build Model (this may take a few minutes).


Follow along with the instructions above and the video to activate intent confirmation.

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