In a typical voice conversation, a user might provide all parts of their request in one go (Single Turn Conversation), or our skill may need to go back and forth prompting the user for each piece of information (Multi Turn Conversation).

Single Turn

In our video match skill, in order to provide a recommendation, we need the user to provide the genre and the video type. They can provide this information all at once:

Alexa, ask video match to find me a thriller movie.

Alexa can fulfill the request without any further questions, making the conversation a single turn conversation.

Multi Turn

Alternatively, the user can provide the information piece by piece. To fulfill the request, Alexa needs to prompt the user for more information. The user and Alexa go back-and-forth in a multi-turn conversation.

User: Alexa, ask video match to find me a video Alexa: Movie or TV Show? User: I'd like a movie. Alexa: What genre? ...


In the text editor, convert each single turn conversation into a multi-turn conversation.

Write as many as you’d like! The only “wrong” answers are those which do not include the genre and video type slots.

You can see some good examples in this text file.

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