Some pieces of information deserve confirmation, such as:

  • Amounts of money
  • Dates and times
  • Values with multiple meanings (e.g. Springfield, Illinois or Springfield, Massachusetts?)
  • Words that are hard to interpret

Using the wrong value for these kinds of slots can be costly or frustrating to users. To make sure they are correct, your skill can prompt the user to confirm the value provided. Alexa expects the user to answer with “yes” or “no”. In Dialog Management, this is called slot confirmation.

While useful when used appropriately, slot confirmations can make a dialog tedious for users:

... ALEXA: What kind of video? USER: Tv show. ALEXA: You said tv show correct? USER: Yes. ALEXA: What genre? USER: Action. ALEXA: You said action correct? USER: YES. ...

Remember to use slot confirmation sparingly, and use them to only confirm values of high consequence.

In our skill, we will use slot confirmation to confirm the value for the slot genre.

  1. A slot must be marked as “required” (it must have slot elicitation) in order to have slot confirmation. Like we did earlier with videoType, mark the slot genre as “required” and add prompts and utterances under Slot Filling.


what genre would you like. You can say action, comedy, horror, or drama.


give me a {genre} {videoType} {genre} {videoType} {genre}

Tip: It’s a good idea to add multiple utterances that capture single and multiple slots, e.g. some of these utterances capture both genre and videoType if the user says them. 2. Once a slot is marked as required, switch on “Does this slot require confirmation?” under Slot Confirmation. 3. Add a few prompts like

You said {genre}, right? So you're looking for the {genre} genre, correct?
  1. Click Save Model, then Build Model (this may take a few minutes).


Follow along with the steps above or the video to the right to activate slot filling and slot confirmation for genre.

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