Excellent! Let’s test the slot confirmation for genre.

If your skill has multiple slots marked as required with prompts and utterances set, Alexa will elicit the slots in the order in which the slots are listed in the Intent Slots section within the intent. In this case, genre is listed first, so we expect it to be elicited and confirmed before videoType.

Test slot confirmation

  1. Go to the Test tab to open the Alexa Simulator.
  2. You are testing that your Interaction Model confirms the genre slot after it is provided by the user. Enter a phrase that does not specify the genre, like:
ask video match to find me a video -- or -- ask video match to give me a recommendation
  1. Alexa should elicit the genre by saying: “what genre would you like. You can say action, comedy, horror, or drama”
  2. Respond with a genre.
  3. Alexa should confirm the genre by saying something like: “so you’re looking for the action genre, correct?” or “You said action, right?” (This varies with the genre you provided in step 4).

If Alexa confirmed the genre, then your Interaction Model passes the test!

If Alexa did not respond as expected, the test failed: Go back through the previous exercises to make sure that you followed the steps exactly. If that doesn’t work, make sure that you don’t have any other skills in your Developer Console with the same invocation (“video match”).


Follow along with the steps above to test for slot confirmation of the genre slot.

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