Alexa Skills Kit’s Dialog Management feature provides a simple way to handle both single and multi-turn conversations. If a user doesn’t provide all necessary slot values in one turn of the conversation, Alexa will need to ask for, or elicit, those values from the user.

User Utterances in Response to Prompts

You can use Alexa’s Dialog Management feature to specify the phrases Alexa would use to prompt the user for answers, like “Would you like a movie or tv show?” You can also add a set of utterances that you expect the user to to say in response to those prompts. For example, the user might say “Give me a movie” or just “Movie”. We will include these as user utterances.

Enable Dialog Management

To enable Dialog Management, we must mark at least one slot as “required” in the Developer Console. The instructions below will show you how to mark a slot as required, add prompts for Alexa to use, and add utterances you expect users to use.

Let’s create some prompts that Alexa can use to fill the videoType slot.

  1. In the Developer Console, under the FindVideoByGenreIntent, click on the videoType slot.
  2. Under Slot Filling, switch on “Is this slot required to fulfill the intent?”
  3. In Alexa speech prompts, add a prompt like
    what type of video would you like. you can say movie or tv show
  4. Under User utterances write what you expect the user to respond with. Just like in sample utterances for your intents, you can include slot names in curly braces { } to represent any slot value the user might say (like a variable!). For example,
    I would like a {videoType} {videoType} give me a {videoType}
  5. Click Save Model and Build Model (this may take a few minutes).


Follow along with the video to add prompts and utterances for videoType.

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