Good work so far! Let’s make sure that slot elicitation works before moving on.

Add an endpoint

  1. You haven’t made a Lambda function for the Video Match skill yet, but don’t worry! Codecademy has provided one for testing. Copy this ARN (Amazon Resource Name).
  2. In the Developer Console, in the Interaction Model, click on Endpoint in the left sidebar.
  3. Choose AWS Lambda ARN.
  4. In the Default Region, paste the ARN you copied.
  5. Click Save Endpoints.

Your interaction model is now linked to Codecademy’s Lambda function, which will handle the actual video recommendation.

Test slot elicitation

  1. Go to the Test tab to open the Alexa Simulator.
  2. Enable testing by clicking the slider.
  3. You are testing that your Interaction Model elicits the videoType slot when it is not provided by the user. Enter a phrase that does not specify the video type, like:
ask video match to find me a video -- or -- ask video match to give me a recommendation
  1. Alexa should elicit the video type by saying: “what type of video would you like. you can say movie or tv show”

If Alexa asked for the video type, then your Interaction Model passes the test! It elicited the videoType slot. Alexa may mention something about a “problem” after that point in the conversation. That’s expected, and will be fixed later in this lesson.

If Alexa did not respond as expected, the test failed…It’s good that we caught the error so early! Go back through the previous exercises to make sure that you followed the steps exactly. If that doesn’t work, make sure that you don’t have any other skills in your Developer Console with the same invocation (“video match”).


Follow along with the steps above and the video to test for slot elicitation of the videoType slot.

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