As you know now, your skill needs to handle synonyms to mimic realistic conversations. To handle synonyms you have two options: with or without Entity Resolution (ER).

Option 1: Do it all by yourself. Without Entity Resolution, you would have to catch all of those words as slot values, compare them to a group of values in your AWS Lambda function, and determine which value to return to the user. As you will see in the video, this is the harder and more tedious route.

Option 2: Use Entity Resolution. Alexa’s Entity Resolution allows us to create synonyms for our slot values so that we can receive consistent data in our code, but still allows a user to speak in the way that makes sense for them. We are biased towards this, because it’s easy and more efficient.


In the video to the right, you will see how Option 2 (using Entity Resolution) is faster and easier to maintain than Option 1.

In the next exercise, you’ll learn how to access these synonyms in the JSON request.

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