Nice work, you just learned how you can use synonyms to allow a user to speak in a way that makes sense for them, while providing a means for your skill to still correctly interpret the user’s input.

Let’s review what we learned:

  • With Alexa Skills Kit’s Entity Resolution, we can create synonyms for our slot values, so that we can receive consistent data in our code, but still allow a user to speak in the way that makes sense for them.
  • Since ER provides you the resolved value, you avoid the need to write complicated code to handle various synonyms, thereby making your code easier to write and maintain.
  • The JSON request sent to your Lambda function includes some important information, including the synonym Alexa heard, the status code of the resolution, and the resolved value.
  • We can access the synonym using
  • We can access the status code using
  • We can access the resolved value using
    where yourSlotName is the desired slot.

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Watch the video to the right. Notice how Alexa responds to the user’s request with the request value (large), not the resolved value (big).

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