In the Alexa Test Simulator, take some time to try a few more synonyms and the slot value itself (action).

Did your JSON responses look similar to the image on the right?

Notice, the JSON input resolves to action for all successful matches. This is the purpose of entity resolution: It allows us to create synonyms for our slot values so that we can receive consistent data in our code, but still allows a user to speak in the way that makes sense for them.

Before synonyms, you would have to catch all of those words as slot values, compare them to a group of values in your code, and determine which movie genre to return to the user.

For example, if the status code is 'ER_SUCCESS_NO_MATCH', your skill could respond with something like:

ALEXA: Sorry, I don’t know any taco movies, but I can add that as a feature request. Would you like to search by action, comedy, or drama?


Take a look at the files to the right. Notice, the only difference between these two requests is the synonym value.

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