Let’s see what happens when the user says a word that is not included in our slot synonyms list. Try typing something like:

  • “ask movie match to find me pizza movie”
  • “ask movie match to find me taco movie”
  • “ask movie match to find me alfredo movie”

Inspecting the JSON Input

Scroll down to the resolutions object. The value that we used, taco, did not resolve to any slot value. We know this because the resolutions node contains the status code of ER_SUCCESS_NO_MATCH. Also, the resolutions node doesn’t include a value field.

As you can probably tell, you could use the status code and the presence of the values object inside resolutions to respond back to the user appropriately.


Compare the JSON input for the unmatched example on the right (taco) to an example of a matched input on the left (war).

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