To resolve the issue of mapping large to big, we can use synonyms in the Alexa Skills Kit to create a sort of custom thesaurus for our skill. For example, we could map small, medium, and big to the following synonyms:

Value Synonyms
big large, huge, gigantic
medium intermediate, in between
small tiny, mini

Using synonyms in the Alexa Skills Kit is a great way to improve the voice design of your Alexa skill, and add flexibility to the user interaction.

In the next few exercises, you will learn how to create synonyms for your own skill that maps a user’s movie preferences to a specific genre, then recommends a movie to watch within that genre.


In the text editor to the right, add a few synonyms next to each of the slot values. We have typed the synonyms for action as an example.

Try to think of at least four synonyms each for comedy, horror, and drama.

A couple of tips:

  • ask your friends what their favorite type of movie is and observe if any of their responses map to the genres above.
  • Also, you may want to use a thesaurus.

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