The <script> element allows you to add JavaScript code inside an HTML file. Below, the <script> element embeds valid JavaScript code:

<h1>This is an embedded JS example</h1> <script> function Hello() { alert ('Hello World'); } </script>

Frankly, without the <script> tag, websites would be unclickable and a bit boring.

The <script> element, like most elements in HTML, has an opening and closing angle bracket. The closing tag marks the end of the content inside of the <script> element. Just like the <style> tag used to embed CSS code, you use the <script> tag to embed valid JavaScript code.



Copy this JavaScript code and paste it between the opening and closing <script> tags.

function blooming() { var image = document.getElementById('myImage'); if (image.src.match("normal")) { image.src = "flower.png"; } else { image.src = "normal.png"; } }

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