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It’s a nice day out today and you have decided to work in your garden. However, you realize you don’t have any fertilizer so you go to the garden store to pick some up.

Getting the fertilizer takes some time since you have to take the bus to the store and then find the fertilizer within the many aisles. Knowing you have a lot more garden projects planned, you decide to buy extra fertilizer.

After you are finished gardening you place the extra fertilizer in your backyard shed to save for your next project.

How does gardening relate to a lesson on CPU Cache memory? The fertilizer, its location, and what it means to spend time to retrieve it is a good example of how a computer accesses memory.

In the following exercises, we will explore Cache memory and how it helps to minimize the delay when accessing data from the main memory. Just like the shed in our gardening example cache memory is a place we can keep something we need so it can be retrieved faster.


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