Nice job reaching the end of this lesson! Here is a summary of the topics we covered:

  • Including cache memory in the memory hierarchy helps bridge the processor-memory performance gap.
  • Copies of data are stored in the cache to give the processor quicker access to the data compared to the main memory.
  • A cache hit is when requested data is located in the cache.
  • A cache miss is when requested data is not located in the cache and the data must be retrieved from the main memory.
  • A cache replacement policy defines what entry in cache will be replaced by new data.
  • Cache associativity assigns main memory locations to specified cache entries.
  • A cache write policy defines how data is written back down the memory hierarchy.


The Cache() class is complete for this lesson, but more can be done. Here are some ideas:

  • Add the LRU replacement policy
  • Implement the write-back policy
  • Create a 2nd cache between this cache and the main memory.

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