The strong selling point of using a variable is that we can easily change their value, making our programs flexible.

As we saw in the last exercise, we can save a number to a variable and reuse it throughout a program:

my_number = 847595593392818109495 my_number * 2 my_number / 4

We could easily switch out the value of my_number, without having to change that number in multiple places in our code.

my_number = 1 my_number * 2 my_number / 4

We could also change the value of my_number part way through our program:

my_number = 1 my_number * 2 my_number = 3 my_number / 4


You’d like there to be options for an expansion pack, and that means — more terrains!

Use the drop-down menus to explore the different options for the board and try creating new game designs by swapping out the different terrains.

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