Now that we know how to access two-dimensional lists, modifying the elements should come naturally.

Let’s return to a classroom example, but now instead of heights or test scores, our list stores the student’s favorite hobby!

class_name_hobbies = [["Jenny", "Breakdancing"], ["Alexus", "Photography"], ["Grace", "Soccer"]]

"Jenny" changed their mind and is now more interested in "Meditation".

We will need to modify the list to accommodate the change to our class_name_hobbies list. To change a value in a two-dimensional list, reassign the value using the specific index.

# The list of Jenny is at index 0. The hobby is at index 1. class_name_hobbies[0][1] = "Meditation" print(class_name_hobbies)

Would output:

[["Jenny", "Meditation"], ["Alexus", "Photography"], ["Grace", "Soccer"]]

Negative indices will work as well.

# The list of Grace is the last entry. The hobby is the last element. class_name_hobbies[-1][-1] = "Football" print(class_name_hobbies)

Would output:

[["Jenny", "Meditation"], ["Alexus", "Photography"], ["Grace", "Football"]]



Our school is expanding! We are welcoming a new set of students today from all over the world.

Using the provided table, create a two-dimensional list called incoming_class to represent the data. Each sublist in incoming_class should contain the name, nationality, and grade for a single student.

Name Nationality Grade Level
"Kenny" "American" 9
"Tanya" "Ukrainian" 9
"Madison" "Indian" 7

Print incoming_class to see our list.


"Madison" passed an exam to advance a grade. She will be pushed into 8th grade rather than her current 7th in our list.

Modify the list using double brackets [][] to make the change. Use positive indices.

Print incoming_class to see our change.


"Kenny" likes to be called by his nickname "Ken". Modify the list using double brackets [][] to accommodate the change but only using negative indices.

Print incoming_class to see our change.

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