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Creating and Modifying a List in Python

So far, we have learned

  • How to create a list
  • How to create a list of lists using zip
  • How to add elements to a list using either .append() or +
  • How to use range to create lists of integers

Let’s practice these skills.



Maria is entering customer data for her web design business. You’re going to help her organize her data.

Start by turning this list of customer first names into a list called first_names. Make sure to enter the names in this order:

  • Ainsley
  • Ben
  • Chani
  • Depak

Create an empty list called age.


Depak’s age is 42. Use .append() to add 42 to age.


Maria needs a list of the ages for all customers. Create a new list called all_ages that adds age with the following list, containing the ages for Ainsley, Ben, and Chani:

[32, 41, 29]

Make sure all_ages begins with the ages for Ainsley, Ben, and Chani and ends with Depak’s age (stored in age)!


Create a new variable called name_and_age that combines first_names and all_ages using zip.


Create a range object called ids with an id number for each customer. Since there are 4 customers, so id values should go from 0 to 3.

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