If we wanted to add multiple key : value pairs to a dictionary at once, we can use the .update() method.

Looking at our sensors object from a previous exercise:

sensors = {"living room": 21, "kitchen": 23, "bedroom": 20}

If we wanted to add 3 new rooms, we could use:

sensors.update({"pantry": 22, "guest room": 25, "patio": 34})

This would add all three items to the sensors dictionary.

Now, sensors looks like:

{"living room": 21, "kitchen": 23, "bedroom": 20, "pantry": 22, "guest room": 25, "patio": 34}



In one line of code, add two new users to the user_ids dictionary:

  • theLooper, with an id of 138475
  • stringQueen, with an id of 85739

Print user_ids.

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