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Introduction to Functions

Great! So far you have learned:

  • How to write a function
  • How to give a function inputs
  • How to return values from a function
  • What scope means

Let’s practice these concepts again so that you won’t forget them!



Define a function called repeat_stuff that takes in two inputs, stuff, and num_repeats.

We will want to make this function print a string with stuff repeated num_repeats amount of times. For now, only put an empty print statement inside the function.


Outside of the function, call repeat_stuff.

You can use the value "Row " for stuff and 3 for num_repeats.


Change the print statement inside repeat_stuff to a return statement instead.

It should return stuff*num_repeats.

Note: Multiplying a string just makes a new string with the old one repeated! For example:


results in the string "nananananana".


Give the parameter num_repeats a default value of 10.


Add repeat_stuff("Row ", 3) and the string "Your Boat. " together and save the result to a variable called lyrics.


Create a variable called song and assign it the value of repeat_stuff called with the singular input lyrics.


Print song.

Good job!

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