Now you know enough about strings that we can start doing the really fun stuff!

Because strings are lists, that means we can iterate through a string using for or while loops. This opens up a whole range of possibilities of ways we can manipulate and analyze strings. Let’s take a look at an example.

def print_each_letter(word): for letter in word: print(letter)

This code will iterate through each letter in a given word and will print it to the terminal.

favorite_color = "blue" print_each_letter(favorite_color) # => 'b' # => 'l' # => 'u' # => 'e'

Let’s try a couple of problems where we need to iterate through a string.



Let’s replicate a function you are already familiar with, len().

Write a new function called get_length() that takes a string as an input and returns the number of characters in that string. Do this by iterating through the string, don’t cheat and use len()!

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