Curriculum Hackathon 2018

The 808 Drum Machine

The Roland TR-808 drum machine was introduced by the Roland Corporation in 1980 and discontinued in 1983. Even though it was a commercial disaster, it eventually changed music forever. Let's build a little Circuit Playground Express tribute to the venerable 808!

Instead of a full-blown drum pattern sequencer, we'll just focus on the machine's pads which are used for finger drumming to play back sampled drum sounds.

We can use the capacitive touch pads on the Circuit Playground Express as triggers, and small .wav files for our drum sounds! Before we get started, let's download all of the drum samples we'll be using:

Description Size
Bass Hit 29 KB
Bass Drum Tek 12 KB
Bass Drum Zome 20 KB
Electronic Blip 8 KB
Electronic Cymbal 29 KB
Electronic Hi Snare 12 KB
Cowbell 16 KB

Note: Preview the sound clips by clicking the Play (green) buttons.