When you have data in a CSV, you can load it into a DataFrame in Pandas using .read_csv():


In the example above, the .read_csv() method is called. The CSV file called my-csv-file is passed in as an argument.

We can also save data to a CSV, using .to_csv().


In the example above, the .to_csv() method is called on df (which represents a DataFrame object). The name of the CSV file is passed in as an argument (new-csv-file.csv). By default, this method will save the CSV file in your current directory.



You’re working for the County of Whoville and you just received a CSV of data about the different cities in your county. Read the CSV 'sample.csv' into a variable called df, so that you can learn more about the cities.


Let’s inspect the CSV.

Type print(df) on the next line and then run your code. What sort of data were you sent?

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