Suppose we want to select the rows where the customer’s name is either “Martha Jones”, “Rose Tyler” or “Amy Pond”.

name address phone age
Martha Jones 123 Main St. 234-567-8910 28
Rose Tyler 456 Maple Ave. 212-867-5309 22
Donna Noble 789 Broadway 949-123-4567 35
Amy Pond 98 West End Ave. 646-555-1234 29
Clara Oswald 54 Columbus Ave. 714-225-1957 31

We could use the isin command to check that df.name is one of a list of values:

df[df.name.isin(['Martha Jones', 'Rose Tyler', 'Amy Pond'])]



Another doctor thinks that you have a lot of clinic visits in the late Winter.

Create the variable january_february_march, containing the data from January, February, and March. Do this using a single logical statement with the isin command.


Inspect january_february_march using print.

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