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Creating, Loading, and Selecting Data with Pandas
Select Rows with Logic III

Suppose we want to select the rows where the customer’s name is either “Martha Jones”, “Rose Tyler” or “Amy Pond”.

name address phone age
Martha Jones 123 Main St. 234-567-8910 28
Rose Tyler 456 Maple Ave. 212-867-5309 22
Donna Noble 789 Broadway 949-123-4567 35
Amy Pond 98 West End Ave. 646-555-1234 29
Clara Oswald 54 Columbus Ave. 714-225-1957 31

We could use the isin command to check that is one of a list of values:

df[['Martha Jones', 'Rose Tyler', 'Amy Pond'])]



Another doctor thinks that you have a lot of clinic visits in the late Winter.

Create the variable january_february_march, containing the data from January, February, and March. Do this using a single logical statement with the isin command.


Inspect january_february_march using print.

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