If we want to display elements of a data set as proportions of a whole, we can use a pie chart.

Pie charts are helpful for displaying data like:

  • Different ethnicities that make up a school district
  • Different macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, protein) that make up a meal
  • Different responses to an online poll

In Matplotlib, you can make a pie chart with the command plt.pie, passing in the values you want to chart:

budget_data = [500, 1000, 750, 300, 100] plt.pie(budget_data) plt.show()

Which would create a chart like:


This looks weird and tilted. When we make pie charts in Matplotlib, we almost always want to set the axes to be equal to fix this issue. To do this, we use plt.axis('equal'), which results in a chart like this:




MatplotSip keeps track of how many people pay by credit card, cash, Apple pay, or other methods. This is given to you in the payment_method_names and payment_method_freqs lists.

Display the payment_method_freqs list as a pie chart.


Now, set the axes to be equal.

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