Now, we are going to look at the chart called line_graph.png. This displays the relationship between the time students say they studied and the scores they received on their final exams.


The data you will need to recreate this chart is in the lists hours_reported and exam_scores.

Save your recreated chart to a file called my_line_graph.png.



Create a figure of width 10 and height 8.


Plot the exam_scores on the x-axis and the hours_reported on the y-axis, with a linewidth of 2.


Let’s assume the error on students’ reporting of their hours studying is 20%.

Create a list hours_lower_bound, which has the elements of hours_reported minus 20%, and a list hours_upper_bound, which has the elements of hours_reported plus 20%.

You can do this with a list comprehension that looks like:

y_lower_bound = [element - (element * error_in_decimal) for element in original_list_of_y_values]

Shade the area between hours_lower_bound and hours_upper_bound with an alpha of 0.2.


Give the plot the title 'Time spent studying vs final exam scores', x-axis label 'Score', and y-axis label 'Hours studying (self-reported)'.


Save your figure to a file called my_line_graph.png.

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