Now that your domain name is associated with the correct name servers, it’s time to create some additional DNS records within the Hosted Zone.

The records that we’ll create will be used by the name servers to help locate your site when a computer wants to load it. Specifically, the name servers will be responsible for providing that computer with important information stored in the records.

There are several different types of DNS records.

We’re going to start by creating an A record, which stands for Address record.

An A record directs a domain name to an IP address. This record will associate our new custom domain name with Github’s servers.


  1. Inside of your Hosted Zone, click on the button at the top labeled “Create Record Set.” A form will appear to the right. Leave the “Name:” field blank. Set the “Type:” field to A - IPv4 address.

  2. Leave the “TTL (Seconds)” value at the default of 300.

  3. In the “Value” text box, enter the following IP addresses (keep them on separate lines):

These IP addresses belong to GitHub. We are specifying that when your custom domain name is requested, the DNS should direct the request to GitHub. Read more information about this here.

4. Click the “Save Record Set” button at the bottom of the form.

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