Assign a Custom Domain Name to Your Website

Confirm the Custom Domain

Success! Your website should now display in the browser when you navigate to your custom domain name.

The DNS may take some time to update records. If your site still doesn't load in the browser using your custom domain name, simply wait a few minutes.

We can also use the dig command in the terminal to look up your domain name and make sure that the CNAME and A records were properly set.

The dig (domain information groper) command is a DNS lookup utility. It can be used for a variety of things. In this case, we will use it to verify your domain name's DNS records.

  1. Let's confirm that your DNS records are correct. Type the following into the terminal:
dig www.yourcustomdomain.com

If all is correct, you should see an A (for A record) in the output along with the two IP addresses we added for the A record.

You should also see CNAME in the output along with your custom domain name and the GitHub default domain name.

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