Let’s review your DNS setup so far.

In Route 53, your domain name’s Hosted Zone contains the following:

  1. The NS (Name Server) record for your domain name. When a domain name is typed into a browser, the DNS looks to these name servers to help direct the request.

  2. The A (or Alias) record. This record is used to direct requests of your domain name to GitHub’s servers using their IP addresses.

  3. The CNAME (or Canonical name) record. This record specifies what custom domain will point to your true (canonical) domain.


Observe the diagram to the right. It outlines the overall setup of your DNS records within Route 53.

  1. You purchased a custom domain name through a Domain Registrar, which in this case, is Route 53.

  2. Four unique name servers were assigned to your custom domain name after your purchase.

  3. To assign your custom domain name to your web site, you had to set up a Hosted Zone with multiple DNS records for your custom domain name. The Hosted Zone was set up within Route 53.

  4. Inside of the Hosted Zone, the NS record was created automatically for you by Route 53. However, you created the A record and the CNAME record.

  5. This setup allows you to visit your personal website with your new custom domain name, even though it’s hosted on GitHub!

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