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Assign a Custom Domain Name to Your Website


Congratulations! You now have a static site with a custom domain name published on the Internet.

Let's review the process we followed in this lesson:

  1. Created an AWS account and accessed Route 53
  2. Purchased a domain name
  3. Accessed the Hosted Zone for that domain name
  4. Confirmed the NS (name server) records
  5. Created A and CNAME records
  6. Used dig to display information about your domain name

Take a look at the diagram to the right. In this unit, you successfully accomplished the third and final step: assigning a custom domain name to your GitHub Pages site.

Remember, there are many different ways to deploy a site to the Internet. In this course, you learned how to use Jekyll to generate site content and deploy that content to GitHub Pages, a free service provided by GitHub.

You're now set up to maintain and update your own personal site on the Internet. Happy coding!

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